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Press Release
The Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC MP Visits Community Leaders In West London.

The Tory Leader, Rt Hon Michael Howard QC MP came to West London on Thursday 3rd June 04 to meet the leaders of the Asian Community. He was given a rapturous welcome by leaders of all faiths including British Asian Conservative Link’s Chairman Mr Ranbir Suri and Mr Himat Singh Sohi, President of the largest Gurudwara outside of India. Mr Sohi presented Mr Howard a symbolic ceremonial sword in order to fight inequality and injustices, as did the Sikh Gurus before him. Mr Howard praised the management committee for creating a splendid building with the help of donations from the community.

Mr Howard went on to praise the contribution of the British Asians towards the British economy as well as cultural life and acknowledged that there is strength in diversity and he promised to dedicate his life in making Britain the best country in the world. A country where people can realise their ambitions and dreams without prejudice and enjoy equal rights regardless of their religion, colour or creed.

General Secretary of The BACL, Dr Rami Ranger praised Mr Howard for coming to the Asian Community so close to the election to show his commitment for every Britain, he recalled Mr Howard being the toughest Home secretary, who was bad news for the criminals and he was confident that Mr Howard will prove to be worse news for the racist and religious bigots who use race and religion to divide the community and further their own agenda.

Mr Howard left with a promise to return as Prime Minister.

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The Rt Hon Michael Howard QC MR Stands With Community Leaders and Members Holding The Ceremonial Sword Presented To Him By Mr Himut Singh Sohi, President Of The Havelock Road Gurudwara, Southall
Lady Jane, Chairwoman Of The Ealing And Southall Conservative Assocation,
Rt Hon Michael Howard QC MP, Mr Ranbir Suri, Chairman BACL,
Mrs Anita Kapoor, Mr Richard Barnes Member Of The GLA,
Dr Rami Ranger, General Sectetary BACL
Dr Ranger Greets Mr Howard With Mr Manjit Lit
MR APS Chawla, President Of The World Punjabi Organistaion
Greets Mr Howard
Mr Himut Singh Sohi, President Of The Gurudwara Greets Mr Howard

Mr Gujral CBE, President Of The Internaitonal Punjabi Society Greets
Mr Howard With Mr Bhagga, Past President Of The Puthohar Association
and Mr Chan Chowdhary, General Secretary WPO

Dr Ranger Greets GLA Member, Mr Richard Barnes
Mr Howard With Mr Lit, Mr Sahni, Mr Gujral CBE, Mr Chan Chowdhary
and Other Members Of The Community

Mr B S Grewal, President Of The India Association UK, Greets Mr Howard