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British Asian Conservative Link (BACL) Dinner at the Carlton Club on 27th March 2006 in Aid of the Centre for Social Justice.  Chief Guest, the Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan-Smith MP and Guest of Honour  Mr. Dominic Grieve MP, Shadow Attorney General.

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The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP.  Leader Of The Conservative Party. 

The British Asian Conservative Link held a prestigious function on the 27th March 06 at the historic Carlton Club in the heart of London .  The event was in support of the initiative headed by The Rt. Hon Iain Duncan-Smith MP, The Centre for Social Justice. 

The dinner was attended by over 80 guests including Mr Dominic Grieve MP, Shadow Attorney General and Mr Tariq Ghaffur, Assistant Police Commissioner.

The Centre for Social Justice is designed to help not only the under privileged section of our society but also the victims of drugs and crime.  The Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan-Smith MP made a video presentation highlighting the work of the Centre and also made a passionate speech conveying the message that we must all help the weaker sections of the community. If not then we would be the losers in the end.  If helped, this section of society can actually contribute positively, but if left alone, it may actually work against the society in which we all live. 

The Chairman of the BACL, Mr Ranbir Suri presented Mr Duncan-Smith with a cheque for 2500 from the BACL in support of The Centre. Mr Suri also praised the work that Mr Duncan-Smith is involved in and went on to praise the way in which he has gone out of his way to engage British Asians into politics, the same aim for which Mr Suri founded the BACL.

General Secretary of the BACL, Rami Ranger praised Mr Suri for his vision when creating the BACL and thanked Mr Duncan-Smith for changing the attitude of many and making the Conservative Party an inclusive Party. He also thanked Mr Dominic Grieve MP for helping the Asian Community and bringing it closer to the Party.

Mr. Grieve then addressed the guests and praised the work of Mr Duncan-Smith as a leader who brought him into the role of helping the community, a role that Mr. Grieve is still doing and very much enjoying. 

Mr Tariqe Ghaffur, Assistant Police Commissioner, talked about his new initiative, Operation Quadrant.  It is designed to combat crime within the South Asian community settled in the UK .  He also went on to promote community policing in Britain , where the community is working in partnership with the police. He wishes to involve the Asian Organisations to become partners in the Quadrant so that it becomes a community led initiative.

Finally Mr Veni Vaghela thanked the guests, the Chairman of the BACL, Mr Suri and his executive team for their hard work. He also thanked The Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan-Smith MP, Mr Dominic Grieve MP, Mr Ghaffur and the management of the Carlton Club who had provided all with an excellent service and meal during the evening.

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Guests at the Function


Rt. Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP Addressing the Guests

Mr Ranbir Suri, Chairman BACL Presenting Rt. Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP With A Cheque As Rami Ranger, General Secretary BACL Looks On.

Rami Ranger, General Secretary BACL Addressing the Guests

Mr Dominic Grieve MP Addressing the Guests  

Mr Tariq Ghaffur, Assistant Police Commissioner Addressing the Guests

A vote of thanks by Mr. Veni Vaghela