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Press Release

Dinner at the Carlton Club in honour of The Hon. Bernard Jenkin M.P, ex Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party - 27th February 2007.

The British Asian Conservative Link (BACL) hosted a dinner on the 27th of February 2007 at the prestigious Churchill Room of the Carlton Club.  The dinner was in honour of the Hon. Bernard Jenkin MP, Ex Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.  The room was totally filled with guests who had came to honour Mr. Jenkin and also to listen to his views. 

The General Secretary of the BACL, Dr. Rami Ranger , MBE, FRSA praised Mr Jenkin as a modern and courageous leader who was working hard for changing the way candidates are selected for Parliament.  He went on to say that not many politicians attempt any change in case of controversy, but Mr Jenkin always put the interests of the Party’s above every thing else. Mr Jenkin, who is also Chairman of the prestigious United and Cecil Club, was praised for the club’s fund raising efforts under his leadership. Needless to say, funds are vital for certain seats which are essential if the Torys are to return to power.  Dr Ranger also praised Mrs Jenkin on the tireless work she does for the Party and for her support to her husband.

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The Chairman of the BACL, Mr Ranbir Suri, JP addressed the guests expressing his pride that his vision for the BACL had brought much needed benefit to the Conservative Party.  Prior to the BACL, very few Asians supported the Party of their natural values. The picture today is encouraging. He also asked the Asian community to be more politically spirited and to join their local Associations thus taking part in the decision making process of this great country where our destiny now lies.   Mr Suri also praised Mr Jenkin on his many and varied achievements throughout his career. 


The Hon. Bernard Jenkin spoke passionately about his vision for the future of the Conservatives. He was pleased to see two more Asian candidates selected for safe Conservative seats.  He went on to stress that the Party would work hard to promote more ethnic and women candidates and also complimented Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP for being such a charismatic and dynamic leader. He had united the party and was preparing them for victory at the next election.  Mr Jenkin went on to praise the contribution that the Asian community makes in enriching the cultural and business life of Britain .  He was critical of those who did not put their country above their narrow and selfish agendas.  If are to live in peace and harmony then we must work hard today so that our future generations can feel proud to be British. 


Dr Ashraf Chohan, Vice Chairman of the BACL, thanked the guests for attending the dinner and honouring Mr and Mrs Jenkin. He praised Mr. Jenkin for his inspiring speech.  Further thanks were made to Mr Hardip Singh for saying Grace, Mr Ricky Seghal for conducting the Q&A session and Councillor Pritpal Singh for the loyal toast to Her Majesty the Queen. Dr Chohan gave special thanks to Mr Suri for his vision in establishing the BACL which is helping the Asian community and Conservative Party enormously. He thanked Dr Ranger for his work and dedication to the BACL and the Party. Final thanks were made to the management and staff of the Carlton Club for making excellent arrangements. 


Bouquets of flowers were presented to Mrs. Jenkin by Mrs Renu Ranger and to Mr Suri for Mrs Suri who unfortunately was unable to attend due to illness by Mrs. Romana Chohan.

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Guests At The Function


Guests At The Function

Dr Rami Ranger, MBE, FRSA, General Secretary BACL
addressing the guests

Mr Ranbir Suri, JP, Chairman BACL addressing the guests.

The Hon. Bernard Jenkin addressing the guests.

Mrs Renu Ranger Presenting a bouquet of flowers to Mrs Jenkin

Mrs Romana Chohan presenting a bouquet of flowers to Mr Suri for Mrs Suri

Dr Ashraf Chohan, Vice Chairman of the BACL giving the vote of thanks.