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Press Release

The British Asian Conservative Link (BACL) hosted a dinner in support of the Slough Conservatives at the Baylis House. The guest of honour was the Rt. Hon. Francis Maude MP, the Chairman of the Conservative Party. Other prominent guests present were Mr. Dominic Grieve MP. Shadow Attorney General, Mr. Nirj Deva MEP, Cllr Richard Barnes GLA member, Slough prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) Diana Coad and Lord Altaf Sheikh. Over 300 other guests attended the function which started with a traditional Bhangra dance by Baharan Punjab Diyan who kept the audience spellbound.

Mr. Ranbir Suri, Chairman of the BACL welcomed the guests and presented a cheque of £7500.00 to the Party Chairman towards the Party funds along with a cheque for £1000.00 to Mr Paul Uppal, PPC for Wolverhampton, SW for his election fund. He also praised the way in which the Party was progressing under the Chairmanship of Francis and the leadership of David Cameron. He added, “We are beginning to see the Party move in the right direction".

The General Secretary of the BACL, Dr. Rami Ranger praised the members of the Executive for giving their time, money and support in making the Asians more publicly and politically spirited. He applauded their commitment for their Community, Party and Country.  He acknowledged that without their support, the BACL could not have become a meaningful force.

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Francis Maude thanked the Asians for their support to the Party and promised to do more to make the Party truly reflective of modern day Britain. He also presented a plaque to Cllr. Balwinder Dhillon for his services to the Party.

Dominic Grieve praised the contribution the Asians make to the economic and cultural life of Britain. Nirj Deva commended the efforts of the BACL in promoting the Party amongst Asians. Cllr. Richard Barnes expressed the need for a London Mayor to be above Party politics and put the interests of Londoners first and foremost. Lord Sheikh also praised the inroads made by the BACL in such a short span of time.

The Vice Chairman of the BACL, Dr. Ashraf Chohan gave a vote of thanks to the Baylis house for providing a mouth watering cuisine, a special thanks to Francis for his time and support to our community and Cllr. Balwinder  Dhillon  for helping organize a most impressive function.

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Guest at the Function

Bhangra Entertainment

Top Table with The BACL Executive Committee Members

Chairman Mr Ranbir Suri Welcoming the Guests & Guests of Honour

General Secretary Dr Rami Ranger giving Past/Present & Future of The BACL

The Rt. Hon. Francies Maude MP addressing the guests

The Rt. Hon. Francies Maude MP Presenting a Plaque to Cllr Balwinder Singh Dhillon for his services to the Party

The Rt. Hon. Francies Maude MP Presenting a Cheque of £1000 to Mr Paul Uppal, PPC on behalf of The BACL for his  Election Fund

The Rt. Hon. Francies Maude MP receiving a Cheque of £7500
on behalf of The BACL

Mr Dominic Greave MP, Shadow Attorney General Addressing the Guests

Mr Nirj Deva, MEP Congratulating The BACL for its work for the Party.

GLA Member Cllr Richard Barnes sharing his thoughts with the guests

Lord Sheikh Acknowledging the work of The BACL
in Promoting Asians within the Party

Dr Ashraf Chohan, Vice Chairman of The BACL Giving a Vote of Thanks.