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Press Release

The British Asian Conservative Link (BACL) hosted a dinner at the Carlton Club on the 21st of June 2007 in honour of The Rt. Hon. James Arbuthnot MP, Chairman of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee.

The club was packed with distinguished guests including Lord & Lady Sheikh, The PPC Mr. Paul Uppal from Wolverhampton. The Mayor of Harrow, Cllr. Lurline Champagnie , the present & past Chairmen of the Basingstoke Conservative Association, Mr. Nigel McNair-Scott & Mr. Mark Andrea, Cllr. Pritpal Singh, Mr. Colin Malam, Chairman N.E. Hants Conservative Association,  District Cllr from Beaconsfield, Mr. Santokh Chhokar, Mr. Christopher Fenwick, Gen. Sec. of the United & Cecil Club, Mr. Amit Roy of The Telegraph, Mrs. Rita Paine of the BBC, Ms Nidhi Dalmia of Dalmia Media and Mr. Tahir Ali of Venus TV were some of the guests present.

The General Secretary, Dr Rami Ranger MBE, gave a brief introduction of the BACL and explained the rationale behind the organization. The main aims being to promote Asians amongst the Tory leaders and the Tory leaders amongst the Asian community in order to change each others perception. This interaction of the two is encouraging the Asians to join the party of their natural values.

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The Chairman, Mr Ranbir Suri, explained that the BACL was his vision when he realized that there was no one making a conscious effort to attract the Asian vote to the Tory cause.  He said that when he approached the then Party Chairman, the Rt. Hon. Michael Ancram MP, he applauded the idea but said the Party was unable to fund such an organization. Mr Suri, encouraged by Mr Ancram’s response, said that he would find funding from the community and with the support of like minded people, the BACL was born. It is now helping Asians to contest winnable seats.  

The Guest of Honour spoke at length about the need to attract candidates on merit regardless of their colour and race. He promised to support ethnic and women candidates for the greater good of the Party. Lord Sheikh also spoke about the need for the Party to give and take if the Party was to get the best out of its ethnic members. The Party must value the contribution of those who were working hard for its success. Justice should be seen to be done.  

The Vice Chairman of the BACL, Dr. Ashraf Chohan thanked the guests for taking the time out of their busy schedules and for making the occasion a success. He thanked the Guest of Honour for sharing his thoughts. He pleaded that the Party should take on board the genuine concerns of the British Muslims so that they would not feel isolated. He applauded the vision of Mr. Suri and praised the work of the General Secretary, Rami Ranger, in organizing such impressive functions on a regular basis for the benefit of the Asians and Tory Party.  

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(From L to R)
Dr. Rami Ranger, Mr. Colin Malam, The Rt. Hon James Arbuthnot MP,
Mr Balwant Gill, Chairman Southall Football Club. Cllr. Lurline Champagnie, Mayor of Harrow, Mr. Michael Pack, Deputy Chairman Ealing Southall Conservative Association and Lord Sheikh 

The General Secretary, Dr Rami Ranger MBE, introducing the BACL and explaining the rationale behind the organization  

Chairman Mr. Ranbir Suri JP addressing the guests.  

Mr. Colin Malam, Chairman NE Hants Conservative Association  

Guest of Honor The Rt. Hon James Arbuthnot MP addressing the guests.

Lord Sheikh Addressing the Guest

Vice Chairman of the BACL, Dr. Ashraf Chohan giving a Vote of Thanks.