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British Asian Conservative Link is no longer active. Please contact your local association.




The broad line idea for establishing British Asian Conservative Link is to increase political awareness among the Asian Community.


Asian culture as a way of life goes hand in hand with the doctrine of conservatism. However, it is paramount that the Asian community should come forward to get politically involved. Asian economical contribution and participation is remarkable and they should not be disassociated from the political arenas.


The current changes seen in the Conservative Party demonstrate that it is an inclusive Party, which respects and appreciates the value of all. The Conservative Party under the leadership of Rt Hon David Cameron MP has embarked to achieve those objectives, which will lead them to form the next government.


To increase political awareness among Asians

To encourage Asians for their involvement in the Conservative Party

To help and guide aspiring Tory Asian candidates to get elected into

  Local Councils
  European Parliament
  House of Commons

To act as a link between the Asian community and Conservative Party

To raise funds for the Conservative Party